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The former 'Hills' star Audrina Patridge is Proud Of Toned Stomach

American reality television personality, actress, and mode Audrina Patridge says the best part of her body is her stomach.The former 'Hills' star is famed for her super-sexy slim figure and the actress-and-model is most proud of her toned tummy.Patridge said: "I like my stomach. When I was little I had a good athletic stomach and then I mad my high school swim team and it got better from there."Although she has always been in fantastic shape, Audrina admits her stint on 'Dancing with the Stars' improved her figure even further because the training and the routines were so physically demanding.She explained: "It's such incredibly hard work. I did seven hours of dancing a day and as a result ended up more toned than I had ever been before."The 26 year old beauty and her professional partner Tony Dovolani finished in seventh place in the competition and Audrina admits she was dancing with injuries by the end.She told: "By the time I got voted out.I was dancing with two sprained ankles. I had to wear numbing pads, because it hurt so much, but I kept smiling and won the judges over, so I was really proud of myself.