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  • cps060
    03-20 06:49 AM
    Once the three years pass, is it possible to re-apply for the PR card again ?
    Also if the entire 5 years pass & someone's PR expires, can he/she re-apply for PR ? If so, are all steps like Police check etc to be done again ?

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  • amsgc
    12-19 07:40 PM
    PD and EBI/II/III shlould be ad to the above list.

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  • poorslumdog
    09-04 12:42 PM
    My condolence to them. But I beg to differ that people dying unnecessarily is not a good sign of development.

    Let their soul rest in peace.

    Edited: Ooops, I think misread your post.

    I really appreciate your support senthil. Guys please come forward and dont be shy about nay sayers...

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  • mallu
    02-16 03:24 PM
    According to first post in following thread ,

    attorney Ron Gotcher says ( he got info ),

    Last night, at a meeting of the American Immigration Lawyer's Assocation Southern California chapter, Charles Oppenheim spoke. Mr. Oppenheim is the officer within the Visa Office tasked with calculating visa bulletin cutoff dates each month. He offered the following thoughts as to cutoff date movement in the upcoming months:

    * In April, India and China EB2 will be set at 12/01/2003
    * EB3 for India and China will slow down for the rest of the fiscal year"


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  • thomachan72
    09-24 04:17 PM
    EB-I will be in mid or late 2006 by Sep 2009.

    You meant Sep 2010, right? we are already about to cross into October 2009

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  • jchan
    07-25 10:48 AM
    VDLRAO - You brought lot of valid points which supported by authentic statistics. But surprisingly Ron�s comment about the Aug bulletin is totally vague. You can throw the numbers to prove your claim but I don�t think Ron really has any such numerical explanation for his statement.

    With all due respect, I beg to differ from Ron (probably for the first time).

    I agree with vdlrao completely. The horizontal spill over rule essentially gives all EB1/EB2 visa to EB2's. This will make the EB2 cutoff dates leap and bounce forward. For EB3, however, there won't be any spill over data until EB2 become all current.

    In Oppennheimer's reply to Ron Gotcher's question, he mentioned that the horizontal rule was set after he 'had consulation with the congress', so it's very unlikely to have any change to this rule till some legislation changes take place.


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  • geve
    11-09 09:17 AM
    You are right my friend. In fact you explained every thing. Your concerns are valid. However as you said you are overreacting. In other words you are stretching your strengths.

    You said 4 of them are your friends. By giving complaint on company i do not know what is the outcome. Can also effect the approved GC candidates.

    There is fine line between DHARMAM AND NYAYAM. Personnally i do not think they did wrong. Neither the company nor the candidates. They just used the available system.

    We can argue or put our opinion to the law makers. One of my friend who came along with me on the same flight, same day from india throught same company can apply for citizenship next year.

    where as me

    EB3 -- May 2003
    I-140 approved Mar 2006

    We are all on same page. Forget about what happened to others. Think what we can do? I am not trying to teach, just trying to coll you down.

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  • byeusa
    07-11 03:28 PM

    Check this out. Pls forward this article to Ron Hira, Berney Sanders John Maino for them helping Microsoft in opening this office in Vancouver


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  • sparky_jones
    05-28 10:43 PM
    "When asked about the potential cutoff dates for EB3 India, China, and Mexico, Mr. Oppenheim said that it would depend on the demand for these categories over the rest of FY2009"

    What demand? Aren't these categories already "Unavailable" for the rest of FY2009? What will generate the demand? His earlier statements seem to suggest they have a pretty good handle on the number of cases pending and the EB categories and chargeabilities of those cases. Should'nt they already have a pretty good handle on the demand? On one hand, Mr. Oppenheim is throwing out numbers like they've got it all figured out...and immediately after that he makes a statement which implies they haven't a clue!

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  • Rb_newsletter
    08-15 03:51 PM
    What did the officer do wrong if the name matched.
    Do you know there is a CNN reporter who is a white guy and his name matched with some name on the security check list and the guy was harassed multiple times on different airports within USA.
    If a known person in USA can get such treatment, SRK IS NOTHING.
    SRK Fans think the is someone special!

    Your argument sounds like "Yes we do harass our own people here. So there is nothing wrong in harassing other country people"


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  • ujjvalkoul
    10-04 10:40 AM

    Once u sent ur application, did nt u have to go for an interview and then a Physical. Also, I have heard that to get PR stamped onto ur passport, u actually need to physically enter Canada. Kindly confirm?

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  • ujjwal_p
    05-11 09:15 PM
    Thanks for being the self-designated, unpaid spokesperson for "we indians" and keeping track of accountable indians :)

    Nice one. I'll take that dig.


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  • breddy2000
    09-04 11:52 AM
    -TrueFacts have atleast four diffrent ID's.
    I have got 4 red dots from his avatars.
    I have my GC on my wallet, so I don't care about any other GREENS.

    I just saw within Half an hour my rating points went down from 3000 to just 500...

    Who esle have the time on earth to keep reducing my points apart from the person who has previledge to do it...

    This is a classic example of how ones power can be misused to prove their point and politics and corruption at its best. Preach something and do something else....

    Never walk the Talk...

    Hats off to you Mr. Chandu.....

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  • chanduv23
    07-28 11:45 AM
    Jayleno - me thinking sane is the reason you didn't hear from me in any malls/WM :) but I was a minority in BWW who believes in waiting till you find like minded people who are looking. cold contacting is just going against human instincts. you can't simply talk to a person about something to get his phone number and call them about this business next day. that is a reg flag right there. i couldn't do it and hence not with this business anymore. many of us are not ready to think about making millions in few short years. some people need to understand that you can't rub that idea with force on another human being.

    in BWW terms, i was a quitter who can't take the business to the next level because I was afraid of rejection (getting a NO from prospects)..

    Thanks for your perspective and it explains not only about BWW but about cold contacting in general.

    I used to be very very active in IV campaigns and tried to get people sign up for IV activities. We had lobby days, workshops etc.... and we found it very difficult to explain or get people on board for IV activities though it is beneficial for them. Most people would give us the same treatment that they give the Ammway folks.


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  • shirish
    10-24 03:34 PM
    I have a question on a similer subject, but not exactly labour sub

    In my case my previous company filed my labour, i got it approved, then i got my 140 approved too. But i had to leave the company (I could have stayed for the GC but had to leave- before leaving that company i worked in their india office for 2 years). Then they used my approved labour for another employee.

    I have joined another company and back in the US now,i understand that the labour is not for me, i have to go for the labour again, but is it possible to use my previous PD.

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  • angelfire76
    05-29 09:19 PM

    Specifically this provision applies to Cognizant

    Willful provision or assistance in the provision of false or inaccurate information for an application for labor certification;

    Yeah but EB1 does not even need labor certification. So you can't apply the willful misrepresentation. What we can apply willful misrepresentation is in the 140. Also since EB1 is current , these guys also apply 485 at the same time and get EAD and AP.


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  • nk2006
    10-09 02:49 PM
    A GC cannot be filed directly from a TN or E3 status.

    As mihird said, not much difference. I am a naturalized Canadian working in US for last 7 years (country of birth � India) � Canadian citizenship does not help much in I485 stage since you will fall under the quota of country of birth. One small advantage is consular processing � Canadians can apply for CP at Montreal which used to be faster. But with retrogession and improved AOS processing in USA makes this irrelevant.

    Another general advantage is use of TN1 visa instead of H1B. You can actually start/continue green card processing while in TN1 visa status � it needs some careful planning but it can be done. Basically you cannot get/renew TN1 visa once I-485 is filed but until then you can continue on TN1 while your labor/140 is under process and while you are waiting for the dates to get current. But this aspect is generally misunderstood and many lawyers insist on transferring to H1B even before starting the labor process (which happened in my case leading to my present state where I am extending h1b beyond 6th/7th year). Basically with a good lawyer and flexible employer you can use TN1 as long as possible, so that you don�t get into 6th/7th year h1b tensions � this can be a slight advantage in some cases.

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  • mallickarjunreddy
    07-13 10:30 AM
    WHY not go back to India if the GC process fails , I mean after all India is our home country rite .(I am talking only about Indians)

    Health and Wealth are subjective after all

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  • kumarc123
    07-17 10:36 AM
    I mean EB2 India will be current with in a year.

    vdlroa my friend I couldn't agree less with you on that statement. Eb2 will saturate a lot of visa numbers, and will ultimately benefit our friends in EB3. As per now I believe, we should focus on creating more visibility for our cases, which will eventually help EB3 as well.


    02-12 07:14 PM
    We are all expecting that the VB will go back to June 2007 figure...it looks like that RoW has been so fast in getting the latest PD back which could come in a very few months time.

    I was not expecting this to come too soon but in June 2008.

    09-04 11:54 AM
    People dying for corrupt politician..God Save India

    Dont just fool by news and be little skeptical . All system(media, politician ) is so corrupted. You never know, This may be manufactured news, labeling natural deaths across AP to Shock/suide to make easy road for his son to be CM....