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  • gcny2006
    05-28 11:58 PM
    Can someone tell me if this is right?

    - Total number of EB-2 visas = 40,000
    - 7% of 40,000 are allocated for India = 2,800
    - Number of EB-2 I I-485 apps pending = 30,000

    So if there is no spillover from other categories it will take north of 10 years for all the people who applied for I-485 in the July 2007 fiasco to get Green Cards. The only caveat to this would be attrition or legislation.


    Mr. Oppenheim has set the cutoff date for EB2 India at January 1, 2000. According to current estimates, out of the approximately 200,000 I-485 applications currently pending with USCIS, 120,000 of them are chargeable to India, with the cases divided evenly between EB2 and EB3. This means that EB2 and EB3 India applicants count for 60 percent of the I-485 cases currently pending with the USCIS.

    - Number of EB-2 I I-485 apps pending = 60,000

    so with no trickle it will be 20+ years

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  • lazycis
    02-15 11:52 AM
    Thanks for an excellent research and arguments. Some of the arguments are well presented.

    Well, if you are not ready to lead and we do not have anyone else to lead then whats the point of forming the yahoo group? Please don't get me wrong, I am just trying to find out the objective of this yahoo group.

    The purpose was to jump start and find somebody who is willing to help himself/herself. If there is no such person out of 100+ who voted "yes", there is no point in further discussion. I have enough on my plate (I am still helping a number of people fighting in district an appellate courts). Also I think it's easier to discuss it via yahoo group.

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  • neil.0505
    08-07 11:53 AM

    *Company A has filled for my H1B Cancellation on June 20 but have visa stamped (valid till 2010).
    * Company B has filed for my H1B Transfer.(Have upgraded to Premium processing)
    * Have to enter canada on/before 4th Sept to validate canadian PR (will have to go to canada only for few days).

    Q: Can I re-enter in the US from on a VISA(Valid till 2010) from company A + Approved I-797 from company B?

    Your help will be appreciated!


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  • Jerrome
    05-11 04:55 PM
    Correct! And it is not even a "Civil War". It is really a war ti erradicate terrorism from Sri Lankan soil. The term Civil War refers to a war between people in a country. The SL government is not waging a war against it's Tamil citizens but against a terrorist group.

    Whoever is supporting the SL govt. Do you deny these facts. From 1948 various SL govts been using different approaches and policies to discriminate Tamils in SL,Now it is in the name of fight against Terrorism.

    Ever since independence in 1948, government policies have systematically violated the social, economic and cultural rights of Tamils: through the disenfranchisement of the Indian Tamils, through state sponsored colonization of the North-East by Sinhalese settlers, frequently accompanied by forceful eviction of Tamils, through a discriminatory language, education and recruitment policy which pursued but one aim: the Sinhalization of the state. Today, more than 90 % of civil servants, and 99 % of the security forces are Sinhalese. The politics of �positive discrimination� of the Sinhalese appears presently to be transformed into one of long-term exclusion of the Tamils because of proven incapacity. For what reasoning other than to eliminate the formerly superior Tamil competitiveness once and for all, while prolonging, even cementing Sinhala domination well into the next generation, can be adduced to explain the surplus of 14 000 Sinhala as against a shortage of 10 000 Tamil medium teachers, the lack of the most elementary school equipment (over 120 000 desks and chairs in the Vanni alone); a teacher pupil ratio of 70 to 1 in Tamil areas as against 22 to 1 for the rest of the country? The results of this outright violation of rights manifest themselves: in the competitive examinations for the Sri Lanka Accountant and the Administrative Service at most two Tamils were selected each year since the early 1990s!


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  • immieb2
    01-14 07:26 AM
    Consulting companies are just the tip of the ice burg. They should really target infy, wipro, TCS like companies. They are the one truly exploiting the sytem to the fullest. They do not sponsor GC, do not pay the good salary or any benefit to the employee. I also dont see the share holders are rewared. God knows where all the profits are going. (which holes are getting filled)?

    I agree with you completely. I don't know what Infy and Wipro are doing with their money but TCS was filling Tata Motors and Tata Steel historically. Also buying companies like Land Rover and Jaguar while screwing their employees.

    Are they using TCS money to subsidize Tata Nano?

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  • geesee
    07-30 09:59 AM
    When people with PD June 15 2006 will get the greencard???

    after the people with PD Nov 27 2004 gets it :D


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  • nixstor
    03-16 03:13 PM
    Unfortunately many companies are trying to woo people ignorant of retrogression and how severe retrogression is using these 2003 EB3 labor. As a matter of fact Nov 2002 EB3 labor might be of no use as well. Previously they used to ask for money, now its just the split.

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  • logiclife
    01-23 04:32 PM

    NEWARK, N.J. - A business owner from India was sentenced Monday to 20 months in federal prison for helping hundreds of immigrants live and work illegally in New Jersey and elsewhere in the United States.

    Narendra Mandalapa must also forfeit $5.7 million and two luxury cars - deemed to be proceeds of his crimes - and pay a $25,000 fine, under the penalties imposed by U.S. District Judge Dickinson R. Debevoise.

    Mandalapa, 36, was owner and president of Cybersoftec Inc., a business consulting firm based in Edison in 2004 and 2005.
    Cybersoftec also claimed offices in Portland, Maine, and
    in New Hampshire, and obtained more than 150 certifications in the two states for temporary work visas in 2004 and 2005 through the U.S. Department of Labor, the Portland Press Herald reported.

    Cybersoftec, according to Maine Department of Labor records, also filed about 50 labor-certification applications in Maine for green cards, which allow foreigners to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely.

    Mandalapa had pleaded guilty to immigration fraud, admitting that he got up to $22,000 from immigrants to file fraudulent documents. Those included I-140s, which are petitions for an alien worker to become a lawful U.S. resident.

    Mandalapa has been in custody since his arrest Nov. 3, 2005. His lawyer, Bruno Bier, said Mandalapa will get credit for his 14 months of confinement and will spend about six months in prison before he will likely face deportation proceedings.

    None of the indictments on 29 counts of immigration fraud, money laundering and mail fraud related to his applications for green cards were linked to activities in Maine. Mandalapa pleaded guilty to one count as part of a plea bargain.

    Bier said Cybersoftec is no longer in business.

    Our message to Narendra "Nick" Mandalapa : Enjoy prison. Maybe on the inside, you can sell contraband items just like on the outside you sold approved labor certs.


    Like someone said on the news article thread, the only difference between this guy and other desi companies (Desi means "of Indian origin") is that this guy got caught, while hundreds of other companies still sell approved labor certs with earlier priority dates.

    And all this illegal trade is much to the delight of AILA, who is pushing hard to keep labor substitution alive.

    What's in it for AILA? : Additional business of labor substitution. Now, for a few extra pennies, AILA would not hesitate to screw thousands of GC applicants waiting in line and enable the "Cutting in line" that happens due to labor substitution.

    So if you think AILA is a friend of immigrants (legal or illegal), think again. Its a friend of $$$. And there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone pursues self-interest. That is what AILA is doing. But dont misunderstand AILA as a champion of immigrants (legal or illegal). It represents immigration lawyers, not immigrants. On a rare occassion, the interests overlap, and that's good. But on many issues, AILA has a history of being very very employer friendly as far as immigration law is concerned, even if it comes at the cost of employees(immigrants).


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  • bostonian28
    06-01 09:00 PM
    Somehow we need to include citizenship in the mix, i.e. citizenship for some one who contributed Social security and medicare for 10 years, only than would politicians be interested because these numbers could potential convert into votes. That is what politicians all over the world care about.

    Basically message is, this is a reasonably big chunk of your vote bank, you can support them and gain their loyalty.

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  • BharatPremi
    12-13 04:43 PM
    Yes, we should explore this more

    1) Whether we can really challenge this into US SC within US Constitutional

    2) Whether we can really challenge this into International Courts?


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  • grupak
    12-14 04:48 PM
    Simple. If it wasn't for that ceiling the vast majority of the visas will go to applicants from the oversubscribed countries. Now this is not a bad thing if the visas are in unlimited supply. But since that's not the case, the country ceiling ensures that even people from smaller nations will get an equal oportunity to claim a visa before all the visa are grabbed by their BIG brothers and sisters. And what's more what ever is left is given back to the oversubscribed countries.

    How can you call that unfair? Is it fair to deprive a person from a smaller country, equal chance to have go at his GC?

    In the current situation, removing the country limit is not a solution because almost everyone is backlogged. On the other hand increasing the total number of GC even by a factor of 2 might not be the solution either because countries like China, India, Mexico and Philippines will likely still be backlogged.

    IV is for everyone. Its not just for Indians only, and that is what I believe in. To help everyone, IV is pushing both increasing the total number and also increasing the per country limit. As I explained both of these have to go together otherwise it does not help.

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  • nozerd
    05-11 09:41 AM
    pmt = payment

    Government sends you a check every month for each child you have.

    Here is an excellent calculator to estimate your Canadian income taxes.


    Canada has something called RRSP which works the same way as a 401 K plan. However in an RRSP you can actually withdraw funds without penalty upto 50% of your account for purchasing your fiorst home ( In US you can only take loan not wiothdrawl).

    Also Canada doesnt allow jopint filing of taxes for married couples. Each spouse has to individually file taxes per my understanding.


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  • ragz4u
    02-06 09:38 AM
    This is a step in the right direction. A lot of people wanted to get ahead of the queue by using pre-approved labors. The arrest of Nick Mandalapa, who was infamous for selling these labors openly on Sulekha, and now this are signs of good things to come :)

    Do not be surprised if you read Murthy.com's response as being against a ban on labor substitution! After all, labor subsitution is good business for immigration lawyers.

    As per www.immigration-law.com

    DOL Resummitted and Obtained OMB Clearance of Proposed Labor Substitution Elimination Regulation on 02/02/2006

    This DOL and DHS proposed rule was cleared by the OMB last fall, but for unknown reasons, it has been pushed off. However, on February 2, 2006, Thursday, ETA/DOL resummitted the proposed rule and on the same day, the OMB cleared again this regulation. It is unknown at this time exactly when the DOL will publish this critical regulation but considering the fact that it reinstated the rule-making process as late as three days back, something must be cooking this time. Please stay tuned

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  • mirage
    03-27 03:17 PM
    If you forget all that Communal/Secular mudslinging for a little bit, here's an unbiased opinion about the performance of the UPA govt.



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  • dan19
    02-12 06:58 PM
    After reading through the forums, I understand the EB3-World needs to become current for any others to move forward.

    But now I notice that EB3-World itself has stopped moving after jumping for some months. Any reasons? (The 245i is already cleared and now it is in Aug 02)

    Is there any other 245is preventing it????

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  • vinay0622
    07-29 10:16 AM
    Yes it can be corrected at this time. You can answer the RFE yourself and explain you mistake or ask your attorney to do so. I would suggest that contact your attorney so that you can prevent any future mistakes.

    I appreciate, You took time to answer my question.


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  • Jaime
    05-12 11:59 PM
    Well, I have been on this forum for over a year, and I have been doing my research, you guys have given me a great idea...immigrating to India. I know that right now India might not be as comfortable as Laguna Beach, (but then agan 99% of the world isn't). I think that if I go to India now, work hard, endure a bit of discomfort and do my best that I will be a millionaire in my later years, whereas in the U.S. thigns are declining, and I will have grandkids before I get a Green Card.

    This is where India Green Card comes in. So, I am looking for a job in India (non-tech, but rather business/marketing related).I would appreciate any help that you guys could give me. I have researched that I have to find a job and show a contract of employment from the sponsoring company in India, as well as an appointment letter from the sponsoring organization and proof that the organization is registered in India.

    Then it allpoints out tome having to apply for an employment visa at the consulate with jurisdiction over my place of residence, and I am awae that my visa may require clearance by the Ministry of Home Affairs or Reserve Bank of India before the visa is issued. My question is on how to contact the MHA for this? Do any of you have their phone/fax numberor address?

    Further, I found that in India a foreign national may not change employers. If the foreign national wishes to change employers, the foreign national must leave the country and re-enter with a new visa for that particular new employer. So, I am looking for something really steady before I even set foot in India, and that's why I need your all's help!!!

    Since the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reserves discretion to determine the period of validity of the visa, it could really be good for a few months or years, impossible to know before applying. The good thing is that the Foreign Registration Regional Office (FRRO) may grant extensions of up to three months. Upon approval by the MHA, the FRRO may grant an extension of up to one year. Thereafter, the FRRO may grant extensions for four more years on a year-to-year basis.

    I am so excited and confused at the same time. India is my future, and I am going to need a lot of your help IV friends! At least I speak English, but I am also thinking of getting a pivate Hindi tutor. Any thoughts woud be VERY VERY appreciated! Thanks!!!!

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  • jonty_11
    02-15 04:06 PM
    Guys, we have other important things at hand. Lets work on letter campaign and making ppl aware of it. There is no point in these discussions, we need to attack the problem at its core.!!!!!

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  • lordoftherings
    07-10 11:06 AM
    Vancouver is really a nice place with beautiful climate all the year around even better than seattle. Good Luck!!


    08-15 10:49 PM
    Thats how every country should behave...unfortunately its not happening in our beloved mother country. The terrorist asking for mutton briyani...in other countries he would be made as briyani by this time...:D

    Every country should protect it's interests and we should be proud that a terrorist has the gumption to ask for Mutton Biriyani in an Indian prison. Why should he not? He is a criminal and then he has his own desires. Cutting to the gist, he is a 20 year old misguided young man, poverty led him to take up arms and am sure he did not realize what he was up to when he did what he did. He is a freak who doesn't know the distinction between right and wrong. Why morph him into a demon? Don't you think there are other rapists and murderers making other unimaginable demands in prisons?

    12-14 05:26 PM
    An additional thing I want to point out is that the US cannot make itself diverse by restricting immigration to a diverse population mix. It is a well known fact that Hispanic american women bear many more children than Caucasian american women. How does america fix that, and if it does not then why talk about diversity in immigration?