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  • smsthss
    12-07 10:43 AM
    what is the typical processing time stated by USCIS on its website for issuing EAD card. Where in USCIS website is it mentioned?

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  • GCplease
    10-05 03:57 PM
    are we sure that they are not talking only about H1b?

    Does following mean they are looking at Green Card as well ?

    "attract and retain high-skilled workers to contribute and excel in the U.S. economy without unnecessary delays and waiting periods?

    Unnecessary delays and waiting periods points to the Green card wait time I believe.

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  • Goodintentions
    04-19 04:11 PM
    Politicians always want to keep issues alive! If issues go away, there is nothing to fight, nothing to talk in the elections; without issues you cannot get "bulk" support from any specific group! So, the so called CIR will remain a "perpetual carrot". It will never happen in our life time.

    We are all mature, educated people from a highly politically conscious environment! So...we are not naive, I am sure!

    I take this opportunity to summarize a few things which have happened in the context of "long term indentured" labourers like us:

    1. Quantum jump in terms of H1 ---> about 8 / 9 years back [happened because of pressure from corporations and their lobbies, nothing to with us. they wanted cheap labour and more profits!]

    2. "Free for all" L1s ---> There is no cap, no specialty skill requirement. Not even sure if this has a min wage like H1. Why? Only because it serves the interests of the corporations to import 80% of the work force in any project!

    3. Yearly H1 extensions based on Labour approvals / 3 year extensions for I 140 cases ---> When the "slaves" started returning after 6 years (without GCs being approved) the corporations growled and again the lobbies worked day and night. This has nothing to do with our pleading!

    4. AC 21 ---> This is a good feature with a humane angle, but again there is NO WRITTEN MEMO permitting the employees to switch jobs 6 months after receving their EADs! This has been clearly articulated in a new item by Murthy.com! So AC21 is NOT a fool proof mechanism!
    If the employer withdraws his I 140 there is a fair chance that 485 might be denied. (as per Murthy.com, there are a number of cases where such denials have happened). Again INS will never issue a memo, because it will antagonize the corporations

    5. EAD / AP merger ---> this is a minor change in procedure, an admin fix! This is not a policy change. Full credit to several immigration forums and pleadings. However, this is not going to help many of us as our AP / EAD dates vary by several weeks and we might not be able to file them together

    So, after 10 + years pleading, we have been able to get an admin fix :) That is amazing!!! Under the circumstances we cannot even dream of any legislative support or correction! Instead of Chinese / Indians in the endless line had citizens of the EU nations been affected, everything would have been fixed ages back!

    Everyone is interested in the illegals and their "hard working" school children! That is because of the money, muscle, vote power they wield! Even if they were to have 1% of the law on their side, they would have achieved their objective ages back! They are holding us hostage because we have 100% of the law on our side and they have 0% of the law on their side. Otherwise, why should we law abiding immigrants be grouped with people who jumped fence?

    Think...does this make sense at all? Correct me if I am wrong! I will accept my mistakes with all humility!

    How is the CIR even relevant in our case? Did we do anythng illegal????

    What are we all waiting for? ~ ~ ~

    Honestly, NOTHING but the WILL of the SUPREME POWER can help us !!! (more than 99% of the population are believers, anyway)

    Youngsters in the early to mid 30s with "non US citizen kids" please think seriously. Do not waste your time in this mess for decades. We have all suffered for 10 - 12 years now and have no options. If you cross the age of 40 then you cannot immigrate to any western country because you will lose in the "points system". It would be a good option to live in countries who have a clear cut time bound program which does not discriminate on the basis of your nationality.

    When the corporations wanted you and I, H1 was increased - no one was bothered about your nationality at that time. Today when we want a future for our family and kids, people talk about quota and diversity! This is what is known as "Having the cake and eating it too"

    Remember, the system has been designed to support and ensure long term indentured labour to sustain the greedy corporations! There is no place for empathy or compassion. It is business! It is money! Free market enterprise works this way!

    If we are expecting miracles, we are chasing a mirage!!!

    May the SUPREME POWER bless the EB2 / EB3 communities and give them the strength, resilience and the patience they badly need!!!

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  • Sivu
    07-21 05:25 AM
    EB3 PD Sep 2006.
    Filed AOS on 2nd July 07.
    Checked with USCIS and 'm told that my application is not yet in the system.:confused:


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  • nc14
    04-16 07:44 AM
    The request by a fellow boarder to lower the contribution to $10 month is just so unfortuante. This tells us how badly we want our GC's. You are right Janak, even I am not sure whether to laugh or cry when something like this comes across.

    But CanadianIndian I give you credit for bringing this thing out as I am sure there are many more who would be thinking of that magical number or may be even less (God, still bless IV)

    $60 + $20 recurring

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  • lakshman.easwaran
    07-01 09:46 PM
    Does anyone know whether hard copy of Labor approval is required for filing Form 1-140. My Labor status shows certified, but my lawyer is conveying that they have not received my hard copy of approval to process Form I-140 and 485. Can some one tell me if we can take a print out of Labor approval from online status and use it for filing 140.


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  • gunabcd
    05-24 03:42 PM
    How bad it can be for those with approved I-140?
    Earlier it was 140K times 7% = 9800 with everybody and now it is 90K times 10% = 9000 with most of them gone into new merit based system.
    I still don't get it?

    Good Point! this is actually more visas for same number of folks. Approved or soon-to-be-approved I-140 folks (like me) will get GC on time or faster and others with Maters degree will get GC in 1 or 2 years, and rest must have got admission to MS by now. and there will be some loophole to bank on which will be realized by our stupid Joe after a few years.

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  • chanduv23
    10-05 06:26 AM
    i hear there will be a special dance performance by the chapter leader...not worth missing :D

    You mean - leader of all the chapters? :D:D:D

    Well - I heard that if there are more than 50 people - the manager arranges for belly dancers - more added incentive - check out the pics on the site

    So, yes - make up your mind right now - don't miss this opportunity


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  • gcpadmavyuh
    08-22 06:31 PM
    Well said Satish!

    5&6 raise an important issue - Could there be potential EAD and AP time lost between the actual approval dates and by the time these documents reach us in the mail?

    Guys, as we all know we can not build our careers on EAD and TD. For a permanent solution, join us in the DC rally!

    This is what happens after 485 receipts.

    1. If one has not applied for EAD and TD , one applies for them and wait anxiously for their receipts.

    2. Meanwhile some people start getting FP notices and one does not receive them he or she gets anxious. Finally one gets FP.

    3. Meanwhile one gets the receipts for EAD, TD. One keeps checking the status online.

    4. One goes and gives finger prints for INS.

    5. Finally one gets his or her EAD and TD after 5 to 6 months , One enjoys the moment briefly.

    6. Its almost a month since one received EAD and AP , Its time to apply for renewal.

    7. Repeat step 1

    8. Its almost 15 months since the first FP and one receives the second one because "Finger prints expire" ,

    One has to repeat these steps in a cycle for almost 6 to 10 years depending on PD and "Nationality"

    Meanwhile if USCIS changes any processes anywhere in the pipeline expect further delays.

    I think best thing is to do participate in IV activities.

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  • h1techSlave
    09-29 02:02 PM
    Do you have to go thru an accountant to start a company?

    I started an LLC earlier this year. Much easier and less risk with an LLC. It is still early to say whether the company will make it to higher grounds or not. But I sure am trying. I have me and my wife as manager members. No employees at the moment.

    Best of luck to you all. GC or no GC, we can still make the entrepreneur dream happen.


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  • NNReddy
    04-19 02:31 PM
    I am confident that Obama will come with some kind of immigration bill like he did with health care. Though the bill will not be comprehensive, it will include some benefits to EB reform. The reason obama will pursue this is to secure his political future and win second term.

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  • NKR
    05-13 05:30 PM
    I am talking about a person (like 485mbe - the one who has posted next to yr post) who has a PD of 2001 ..I am not saying that they should give Eb2's quota to EB3 ..but they should try to pull the category that is worst affected..or atleast give EB3 something ..
    my question to you is ..say in the year 2010, would u support a situation where all categories are current or at 1 year difference ...while a particular category (eb3 I in this case) is at 2001 ??.. even if you do ..my feeling is that USCIS will try to pull EB3 - I (if something like above happens)..but then they are just a govt agency ..and in the end they are similar to govt agency in India ..only difference is that maybe little better
    can I force them to do something just --No. can I pray for it -- maybe ..should I be ready for it (i.e. Eb3 - still in 2001 - 2002) - definitely !!
    actually Eb3 - I should try and see something positive from this (I know it is difficult) ..maybe this long queue may motivate them to work harder or to get additional certifications (as I do ..) ...also, in my case, this delay in GC ..prevented me from buying a house when the prices were at peak ..(there is no doubt ..that had I got GC in 2006 ,..then I would have rushed to buy a house at inflated prices --far away from the city)

    Just curious, why are you not porting your PD?. Nowadays Perm takes less than 2 months and with premium, 140 takes a few months.


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  • willgetgc2005
    05-11 12:26 PM
    Like RAgz4u said, with a tight rope walk, it will be extremely difficult to get our amendments to pass.

    Without that, even if the bill pasess and lets 12 million undocumented
    folks get in the line, it is drastically going to clog USCIS which
    may screw us up badly.

    So what good is the CIR if our amendments dont get in ? Seriously....

    Maybe we are better of without the CIR if our amendments are not in it.

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  • ssingh92
    03-15 10:27 AM

    You can request a copy of I-140 approval from USCIS using G-639 form (download from USCIS Home Page (http://www.uscis.gov)).

    In G-639 form, Fill out the following information

    I) Type of request
    -> Freedom of information Act (FOIA)

    5) Data needed on subject of record,
    --> Please give A#, Receipt number, DOB, I-94 Admission # and your name etc.,
    6) Verification of subject identity
    --> Notarized affidavity of identity

    Please let me know if you need any more information on this regard.

    Can someone share how to get Notarized affidavity of identity.



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  • AZ_GC
    08-22 07:10 PM
    I absolutely agee with Franklin.

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  • small2006
    12-07 10:30 AM
    Here's what i can add - my ead too has been pending for 4 months now.!
    I went in for a second infopass this morning (14 degrees F - 5 block walk from where i parked.! I almost had a facial nerve plasy from the biting cold!). Anyway after looking into her system - the IO told me that the A # on my 485 receipt has not been linked to the 765 & 131 applications.! So she was busy typing so stuf for like 2-3 mins and then said that since my 485 was filed intially and the 765 & 131 were sent in after a month or so - hence this generated a miscommunication between both these sets of applications.
    So since the A# is not tagged to the EAD & AP applications in thier system - i guess it seems like i have not filed for the EAD & AP at all.! Makes sense.?? I guess..!!
    Anyway she was kinda nice....she was like... don't worry...etc..the last thing she said after i said thanks was "good luck - hang in there"..Imagine that coming from USCIS IO..!! Lets wait and see now if at all there is any progress on my case.!

    My wife and I had the same exact experience at a local office. My 485 was filed on July 12 and my EAD/AP were filed on Aug 9. We went to the local office (2nd time) last week. We called USCIS before going there and were told to go there and then they would call the main center (NE) to "initiate" an interim EAD processing. Yet when we went there, the supposed to be supervisor told me that I was misinformed. She started bi*****g about how the USCIS customer service has been outsourced to a 3rd party company and they only read from old documents thus misleading people , blah, blah, blah...

    Another officer who called my wife called NE center and gave them the A number and it did not show up. Reason: Although my 485 and EAD/AP were all sent to NE, for some reason, they shipped my 485 to TX thus leaving my EAD/AP without an A number. Their system is so screwed that they don't even have an option to amend that and put a note on my EAD/AP saying that the 485 is sitting in TX. Bottomline: We were sent back. We again called the USCIS and have initiated a "service request" to expedite. We will have to wait and see where it takes us. In the meantime, my wife is in a limbo as she is getting interview calls but is no sure what to tell them as her H1 is about to expire.


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  • chanduv23
    10-10 05:52 AM
    Hope there are at least 50 people for the meet:D

    More I guess :)

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  • HV000
    11-08 10:13 AM
    Happy Diwali Everyone!!

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  • chaukas
    08-23 02:13 PM
    April 2004

    10-09 05:34 PM

    09-23 12:40 PM
    @3PM EST


    The calendar says 1:00 PM EST.