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  • Libra
    07-21 02:43 PM
    E-filed: July 9th 2008
    Received Paper receipt and FP notice within a week.
    FP: Aug 2nd 2008 (Scheduled on)
    Status Pending

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  • jonty_11
    11-30 04:11 PM
    Well you might be the lucky few, but Discover mostly reject non PR folks. I know 4 guys..including me. But we cannot prove as they never give you a reason. Go figure.

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  • asdfgh
    11-23 12:49 PM
    Nov 13th. Recd FP Notice Nov 19. Appt next week. Notice created date is Nov 13.
    Got a real nice lady on the phone who mentioned that FP should be coming soon and may have been delayed due to TSC-CSC-NSC transfer, which made the "actual" receipt date at NSC Oct 15 instead of July. She said she would put a request in the system to get FP scheduled soon. Not sure if the call had anything to do with it or not, but looks like notice got created same day.
    Good luck to all.

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  • Macaca
    08-31 06:44 PM
    H1B's are taking jobs

    Employment rate is constantly low
    Extending ths GC process duration does not mean GC applicant loses job (and hence someone else gets job)

    H1B lowers salary

    H1B's salary can not be significantly raised during GC process
    Employer pays for GC applicants immigration fees


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  • glen
    04-01 06:27 PM
    Fax 10 & 11 done.

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  • mihird
    05-26 01:47 AM
    I spent 5 full years in Canada from 1995 2 of which I did my MS (in Montreal - Quebec) and 3, I worked for one of Canada's largest software companies in Ottawa - Ontario. Over the course of these 5 years, I acquired both my Canadian green card and Canadian Citizenship..

    From 2000 onwards, I have been in the US languishing in this stupid EB Green Card queue...

    I originally hail from India, so can give some clear opinons on how life is comparatively in all three places.

    I will firstly agree with someone who mentioned that rather than considering Canada as an option 2 after the US, one should consider our home country..honestly, I believe our home country should be the no. 1 priority on our list. The real solution to all immigration problems lies in the balancing of economies on a global scale...and we as the H1-B skilled workforce are the best people for making the Indian/Chinese economies move forward....reduce unemployment there and improve the wage standards...

    As for Canada, except for the cold, almost everything about Canada is better than the US in my opinion - better quality of life, better social security, better health care, safer neighborhoods, better education, better immigration system etc. etc..if you hail from a tropical place like India, the cold WILL bother you, though....

    Montreal is 50% English/50% French, and I had no problems living in Montreal although, I know nothing about French at all..

    From a pure money stand point of view, it is true, that you will somewhat make more money in US, but most of that will be offset by the higher healthcare costs and higher housing costs...

    Frankly, if this 6+ year wait on the US Green Card doesn't go anywhere, I will definitely consider moving back to India, rather than Canada...in 2007 or so...because, I feel, I have spent enough years away from India, accrued enough wealth and owe my time and energy to building the Indian economy....rather than giving my years to any of the western countries....that already are well developed...

    My .02 cents..


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  • tonyHK12
    04-29 03:23 PM
    So ? What is it got to do with my comment or immigration?

    The sentence was not directed at you specifically or your comment

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  • logiclife
    03-21 11:32 AM
    We need to talk in a single voice...can you prepare state chapters's talking points..plz..other materials that people use to effectively utilize the limited time with the senators..

    Great Effort!

    You dont need to prep talking points etc. we have everything ready for you.

    If you would like to meet with your lawmakers during this recess, then please email Varsha and Sanjay at varsha@immigrationvoice.org and sanjay@immigrationvoice.org respectively and simply put �Need Meeting Info� in the subject line of Email. They will send you all the information that you need on seeking the appointment, taking the right material with you, making a good case for reform and doing the follow-ups if necessary.


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  • mariner5555
    11-18 08:47 PM
    Yeah right!! buying houses is all hunky-dory when you have all cushy jobs and economy is booming. When economy slows down there will be some people who may lose their jobs with 3000$ mortgages sitting on their head!! And that builder /bank who lobbied for you GC will come knocking on your door asking for payment.
    And believe there are defaulters among these highly qualified legal immigrants too!

    So again, how did you solve the housing slump problem in the first place???
    no body said about actually solving anything. the point is to use it as a lobbying factor. Greenspan said that the problem is around 200,000 to 300,000 houses. if they are knocked out of the inventory then there will be stablization else the bottom will fall out. now if the immigrant community was united (across national lines) and if we had one organization like IV or someone - who had leverage to talk to builders etc -something along the lines of a union - then this would have made a big difference - but of course the reality is that people get EAD and think their problems have been solved and run to buy a house - the fun part will begin if a recession actually happens

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  • lotsofspace
    01-04 09:45 AM
    I wish....;)

    Don't wish it loud......it might just come true :)


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  • qualified_trash
    12-13 03:15 PM
    go easy on him/her!! they are doing whatever they can LEGALLY to get their GC. If the practice is unfair, blame the people who put this into place.

    what is right and what is wrong is very difficult to decide without being aware of the context?

    as far as ethics are concerned, we are in business here. there is LEGAL and ILLEGAL. everything else IMHO is hogwash.

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  • mmj
    04-27 12:55 PM
    I guess since no one wants to do anything about their situation - we can all sit back and wait for another 4-5 years and hope that we get a green card at that time since that is the amount of time it is going to take most of us if nothing was to change in the current process. Good luck to ALL and Happy Waiting :)


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  • reddymjm
    05-05 04:33 PM
    Update: My lawyer just got back to me on this. Since I wanted the interfiling in such a way that I can maintain old PD ( July 2003 based - EB3 filing - 485 filed under this) with new application category EB2 (new application - June 2006 PD), lawyer told me that it is not possible. Once I interfile my new application, end effect will be having my 485 based on EB2- with new priority date (June 2006). So at this moment I have 2 choices...

    1) Wait out till July 2003 under EB3-India become current
    2) If at all EB3-India is not moving at all or July 2003 does not become current for EB3 but meanwhile if EB2-India cutoff date crosses June 2006 then file interfiling.

    EB3 Jul 03 will be an easy target than EB2 Jun 2006 in my opinion. If you are lucky it could be before the year end or early next year. And if you are too lucky it could be before Oct 08.

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  • yabadaba
    12-28 11:19 AM
    how do I avoid that scenario?

    If I send some information to USCIS that I am invoking AC 21, they would not allow my employer to revoke I 140?
    as far as i know, you cannot avoid that scenario of the employer withdrawing I-140. You can speak to them, but there is no way you can guarantee what they do. Your boss may agree but ur corp lawyers or HR may have different ideas.

    just make sure u document everything including ur ac21 request to uscis. mayke sure u have an attorney on record who will file ur ac21...if u want to be supersafe.

    as long as u have the documentation and correct letters from your company, even if they have a rfe on ur case, u can provide documentation...if they issue a noid or deny ur petition, ur lawyer can help u file a mtr (motion to reopen/reconsider) and resolve it for u.

    i am not speaking from personal experience but from what i have been reading on the forums for a few years now.

    on the plus side u will have hundred if not thousands of ppl invoking ac21 in the next few days...so uscis will be well aware of the law, clauses, etc when it comes time to adjudicate urs.


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  • liorsal
    04-17 08:01 PM
    what is BEC?

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  • Lasantha
    08-22 10:43 AM
    Why not GC_sufferer do it for us

    I don't think he can.


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  • Soul
    02-02 06:07 PM
    Oooo excitin'!.... :bounce:

    So whats the final date Eilsoe? When the winner is announced I mean...

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • imm_pro
    06-13 01:12 PM
    Guys if you have already called..please ask ur spouse or request ur friends to make the call..every call counts..

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  • willigetgc?
    04-14 08:13 AM
    Maybe getting the Latino's :( will force congress/democrats to take action on immigration, this being an election year!!!!!!!!!!!

    12-13 03:36 PM
    What he/she is doing is legal. Unless this offer involved payment for labor substituion, in which case its illegal. But good luck trying to prove it. Ever heard of wage kickbacks?

    I understand your anger but NO ONE can stop this since its totally legal and if there is a financial transaction, no one will be able to prove it.

    logiclife - on this forum we have heard of members that work for companies who have used ONE approved labor multiple times by invoking AC21 once the beneficiary has completed 6 months. This is equivalent to fraud.

    One job-one labor-one gc

    09-10 08:43 PM

    Sorry to deviate from PMP...since its related to certification I am posting it here...

    If anyone of you here in SAP, Oracle apps, JDE...this might be useful. I have APICS CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) books all four volumes in very good condition. I have cleared the exam today and putting it for sale. If you need please send me private message. I will donate 10% to IV. I am listing it here as there are lot of guys in IT and working in ERP. So please dont give me red.