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  • EB-VoiceImmigration
    07-29 06:16 PM
    free psychiatric counselor section

    Good one..

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  • meg_z
    09-15 12:53 PM
    Like the other guy you said, I have an equity of 200,000 in one house and 50,000 in other house. I still don't have green card. I have around 300,000 in
    401k and 150,000 in brokerage accounts. My net worth is around 800k, most of my money is in this country. If I want to continue my lifestyle, I need my GC, that will secure my right to live in this country. AFter 9 years of tax paying and law abiding life, I think i have a right to live in this country, but with this stupid laws don't know when i will get my GC.

    You guys are the exceptions, not the norm among H-1Bs.

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  • gc_chahiye
    09-20 05:25 AM
    "Those people???". What do you mean by that? These are people who are trying to get permanent residency on their own right, based on the skills they have honed for years. I don't like the condescending tone of your voice. What makes you better?

    ok, that really ticks me off. This post is probably going to get me a red splotch, but you should'nt have picked on Franklin:
    I think all the work that Franklin did in preparation for the Rally and then at the Rally itself makes it obvious that she is better than most of the IV members (me included) who could not make it to the Rally.

    If you dont like the condescending tone of the voice of someone who has worked hard for IVs goals, feel free to stop coming to IV and posting here. Honestly why should someone here care about whether you like the voice or not when the voice speaks the truth?

    Look at all the blog posts and pictures of the DC Rally before saying anything against any of the volunteers who worked at the rally. unlike the people who are "trying to get permanent residency on their own right" these dedicated bunch of IV volunteers are trying to get permanent residency soon for all of us. See the photos, the videos of the speeches and then talk.

    What Franklin meant by that post (I think) was that IV is much more than a discussion board for reports of who signed whose Fedex package and what was the timestamp of the package. Its very important that we all actively participate in getting IVs goals met. The rally was a big, for-the-first-time event, and still people seem more excited by tracking receipt notices, and the short-sightedness of it all has made many people ticked off. The turnout could easily have been higher (like someone said, see the lines to the doctors office for getting medicals done when the dates were current, and compare that with how many showed up at the rally).

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  • h1techSlave
    06-12 12:15 PM
    One big missing piece in your analysis - Country quota.

    As per your analysis, there are around 125K pending cases. If there is no spill over (that is the case this year and that will be the case for the coming years as per State dept.), then EB3-I or EB2-I gets only 2700 visas per year.

    Now, please redo your math and you can easily see that the current retrogress might look like there is hardly any retrogression.

    This is my thought process (also referred by Ron G):

    July 2007 brought in approximately 500K 485 cases.

    We do not know how many cases were pending as of June 2007.

    Fiscal year 2007-2008 USCIS used over 140K EB VISA numbers (I think it was around 155K).
    Fiscal year 2008-2009 USCIS will use atleast 140K EB VISA numbers

    so, 500K - 300K = 200K.

    Assuming USICS approval rate is 85%; 75K of 500K are denied.

    200K - 75K = 125K EB cases pending from the July 2007 cases.

    Additions: from all current categories - may be 25 K in 2 years?

    So, 150 K plus whatever that was pending as of June 2007.

    So next fiscal year, 2009 if USCIS uses the quota 140 K, most or all of the 2007 filings will be cleared. If not EB3 I, definitely EB2 I and C, EB3 ROW will be cleared.

    Depending on new filings, EB3 I might retrogress but retrogression might come within 3-4 years instead of current 8 years.

    I strongly believe, beginning Jan 2010, dates for EB2 (I and C) will move forward heaps and bounds followed by EB3 ROW.


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  • partha_vus
    06-13 04:58 PM
    Question gurus... I have a xerox copy of my approved I-140. Will this be enough to port the priority date? or do you need the original copy to be submitted along with the new I-140 application when you request portability of older priority date?? please clarify.

    Yes. That is suffice. My attorney asked for original and i told him, i have only I140 approval copy. Attorney asked additional proof like pay stubs, w2's from that employer. I submitted copies of pay stubs and w2's from that employer. My case is approved. waiting for the Notice copy. I will come to know once i receive the approval notice whether they ported priority date or not.


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  • unitednations
    04-20 12:15 PM
    I did not know unskilled workers can file for greencards in EB3. I think things are getting better and USCIS is now trying to stick to the rules.

    "skilled worker" is where job requires two years of experience. They share same quota as eb3 professional worker (job requiring bachelors degree). Reason for so much retrogression is that there are many occupations which fit into skilled worker


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  • sanjay
    07-06 11:11 AM
    Even my papers were filed on 2nd july before revision of VB. My questions:

    Since VB is revised, my application would be rejected and sent back to Attorney's office. But when? How much time does it take USICS to send these application back?

    What if it goes beyond October bulletin? If by chance (which I doubt), my dates become current then how would I be able to file my papers again, since medical reports are still with USICS, they had not returned it yet?

    Any ideas?

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  • apnair2002
    04-12 01:02 PM
    Yours will be cashed soon.


    I sent a cheque 45 days back..(third contribution so far) it was cashed yesterday


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  • hebron
    05-29 01:52 PM
    Agreed the statement "Indian Americans are brilliant" is too much generalisation, but Many of the immigrants from India and China are here because they are highly educated, so they put a lot of emphasis on academics, as a sports star might on his/her children in sports, likewise a movie star.
    Its better to be guided by aspirations than to be misguided by carelessness.

    Well said...

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  • nk2
    06-13 10:32 PM
    I don't think it will make a huge amount of difference. The visa loss is due to lack of manpower in processing applications. Now there will be even more applications and presumably no extra hands to approve them.

    You can change your signature now - no more waiting:)


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  • luckysiri
    04-15 11:38 AM
    I think we should start a Employer Hall of shame and nominate employers who are either cheating the employees or the Immigration system.

    This will help future employees and the immigration community as whole.

    I am not sure if there are any legal implication to starting something on IV on this

    Yes. It will be very helpful for the future employees falling into Jaws of the greedy employers.

    I am in, I will fight for this cause whatever it takes to prevent this kind of descriminations.

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  • rb_248
    01-15 01:33 PM
    The pattern of these killings is so strange that most of the people that got killed are from AP.

    My friends from AP, Be careful. They are coming after you :)


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  • lost_in_migration
    09-20 09:40 AM
    GooblyWoobly seems to have 'disapproved' gc_chahiye and my post. We both have lost One GREEN each from our reputation :)

    singhsa3 I absolutely agree with you. Undeserving people like GooblyWoobly will be benefited by active members hard work. And the disheartening part is these people will take the benefit and on top of that shamelessly show their ungratefulness on this forum :mad:

    I fully resonate with gc_chahiye;169769 . People like GooblyWoobly are good for nothing. They have no right to pick on one of our distinguish ,well respected and an active member. The Rally have been quite successful and have made people think about our issue.
    Unfortunately, people like GooblyWoobly will also be benefited by the hard work of people like Franklin.

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  • pappu
    01-21 08:19 PM

    With me having a pd even prior to of Mar 2002-EB3I, I thought I will join hands with IV to make something happen. To the extent I went and joined the IV chapter too.

    Unfortunately, starting with the forum to most of the news that is being discussed seems to be not related to immigration at all. Example, accidents, investments, real estate. I feel the admin should be able to control and strictly adhere to what ImmigrationVoice stands for and delete any other unrelated threads.

    Anyway, long story short, I feel IV has lost its focus and feels like for people who are looking at a proper approach to resolving problems, the web site does not give any reason or confidence, to follow or join hands for IV activities.

    Just my opinion. Feel free to agree to disagree whoever would like to.

    Not trying to blame anybody here, but sharing a viewpoint. In my opinion IV was great sometime back, but feel now there is a lack of direction.

    I understand there could be lot of negative & positive comments about my reply here or me joining activities etc or not joining IV initiatives etc. I will explain my stance on those later.


    We totally understand your point of view.
    We feel we have more experience now than before and more members to take part in action items.
    However we have felt that it has not been enough to bring the relief we need. For that we need more active members and more resources. I disagree that IV has lost focus. Few unrelated threads do not mean that is the opinion of IV. We would rather spend time doing IV work in this important year than policing the forums and banning people.

    Infact through new features and upgrade of the site we are trying to provide what our members need on this site so that there is more participation on the effort when it is time. Our past experiences have told us that we need more numbers when it comes to letter writing, calling or rally. This is the reason we are trying to add new features on the site and look into the needs of the community. This is going to be our strategy this year and we seek member's help to get everyone outside of IV on IV platform. If someone wants to seek answers on immigration questions, they can join IV forums, if someone wants to track they can use IV tracker, If someone wants to blog, we have blogs etc etc

    We really need critical mass of people this important year for us. Please try to help in any way possible to spread the word about IV at this time.

    If you would like this to become an action item, some members can take the lead and help send chain emails, posters or any other innovative means to spread the word about IV. I think that is the need of the hour in order to launch a big campaign this year.

    IV is you and me and we need to shoulder the responsibility to make something happen this year.


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  • rockstart
    08-01 08:59 PM
    Sept dates may advance and some lucky ones are sure to benefit --but for their attempt to use the remainder of visa #s in fiscal year09. Now since most cases are pre-adjudicated hopefully they won't pick up randomly

    If we do not see many approvals in August I am sure Sept will open floodgates similar to what we say in July 2008 when so many 2006 apps got GC.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-19 04:35 PM
    1) should I invoke Ac 21 ??-- I am worried that the EVL may not meet USCIS needs as it may not be fully detailed

    2) The other option I have is to take a leave of absence from my present company for one year and start working for the new company? IN this case what happens if I get RFE for EVL ? Which company should I say I am working for present or the future ? Also If I do take a leave of absence should I send in AC 21 paperwork or no?

    PLEASE HELP I am very confused--- I strongly feel that the leave of absence might be an insurance policy but I don't know how to approach it !!

    There is no such thing as "invoking" AC21. Its a law. Most important thing is, your I-140 must have been approved and I-485 is pending for more then 180 days....you are Free to sail in the same or similar field.

    Forget about option 2.


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  • alterego
    10-05 01:17 PM
    Look at this part of Wall Street Journal :

    Look at this. Even when the conversation if totally on "high-killed workers", there is always and has to be always, a line or a sentence about illegal immigrants. Somehow, you cannot discuss anything about anything unless you have one line about illegal immigrants. The only sensible reason to discuss illegal immigration in same topic as "attract and retain" the "high-skilled workers" is that if there are people who are high-skilled, need to be "attracted and retained" and also happen to be "illegal".

    So folks, look around yourself, do you find anyone who is "high skilled", "illegal" and also need better laws to be "attraced and retained". NASA folks and folks from silicon valley, please check the cubicle next to you to find an illegal rocket scientist or an undocumented microchip designer. Those damned illegal rocket scientists and doctors.

    Hey WSJ...listen up !!! Are you being facetious, or are you really not as competant as people think you are ?

    To add to this point. This is AFTER the implosion of CIR on the Senate floor. CIR was supposed to be the reason issues around legal highly skilled immigration were deferred.
    So, after deferral, implosion of CIR, we yet get a line clumping these two. It is almost like a nicotine addict trying to break the habit. Media can be so close minded.

    All I can say is what IV has done to try to separate these two issues, is nothing short of herculean. Now atleast we are seeing some semblance of a separation. I think the Rally in DC was a highly significant moment in this regard. I am also pleasantly surprised to see as much attention given to the immigrant visa issue (ie green cards) as was to the rest of it. Previously highly skilled immigration was thought to be tantamount to H1b visas. The issue of permanent green cards was a footnote.

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  • mpadapa
    10-11 10:56 AM
    count me in. "Will try" -> Yes
    8+1= 9 (yes)

    come on folks join in

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  • yogkc
    11-19 01:48 PM
    Seems like MOtor Vechile dept is fianlly caught up with the Retrogression. I have been driving with Temp DL past 5 months. I was thinking it was the random check but this thread makes sense to me now

    I have been living in US all my audlt life and I still couldn't figure out why it takes this long for them to check immigration status

    05-22 08:26 PM
    I just saw the May processing dates.

    I printed it out and used it to wipe my backside, then flushed it down the toilet.

    07-02 11:07 AM
    Ombudsman mentioned that "visa wait-times within some preference categories
    for certain nationals may exceed 10 years."

    I think the OP has some valid points. Certainly recapture lawsuit may work as the law does not say that allocated EB visas expire. Do not listen to nay-sayers, just do it.
    Here is one example of the succsessfull class-action (even though the court case died in a court of appeals, it was beneficial to immigrants):

    Excellent find, lazycis !!!!!

    This can be a good precedent case for class action lawsuit. Because law never says that
    EB visa quota gets lost if unused.