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  • forgerator
    05-06 12:36 PM

    I have 3 yrs degree + 1 yr PG diploma. I have been working in industry for past 17 years, and don't think any degree or even doctorate would add much to my qualification for the job that I am doing.

    I am currently filed in EB3 category, and new company I am changing job to are ready to refile my GC. But they won't file my GC in EB2 category, as I don't meet the 4 yr BS requirement.

    My son will be in the highschool in 4 years, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on getting MS to myself. But for the GC I am looking for fastest and cheapest way to get MS program. I have no idea how it works, what qualifies me for a degree, what can I get credits for. Any inputs would be appreciated.


    Seems like your end goal is to get GC, have you considered option of waiting for your son to become 18 so that he can sponsor you for GC? That might be an even faster option than EB2, considering the current backlog.

    This is of course assuming that your son is a US citizen.

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  • McLuvin
    04-02 02:36 PM
    EB3 will move to May 2003...


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  • njdude26
    07-21 02:56 PM
    In my case im here working for a canadian company with offices both in US and Canada. So Im moving to Canada in Oct to maintain my PR card. But you may ask why I need to maintain it and just not continue here filing 1 year h1s !!
    costs 3k+ for the company every year !
    also you never know when the rules here will change and i will get a gc or the rules may change in such a way that i will never get a gc.. so if i atleast have a canadian PR card and then may be become a canadian citizen i can come back here and work on a TN visa or whatever...

    and also for now i will be maintaining my H1 atleats for another 1 1/2 years by getting paid here in the US. I will use my friends address here as my address and i will be telecommuting from Canada. i know i will have to pay US taxes + canadian taxes (additional). Anyone else doing this ?

    Big reason im staying in North America is Health reasons...

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  • prioritydate
    11-09 10:25 AM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.

    I hope the festival of lights would enlighten you and remove the darkness called ignorance from you.

    Happy Deepawali everyone. :D


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  • singhsa3
    05-13 10:29 AM
    Take it easy!, EB2 India is going to meet the same fate next month. Based on our recent discussions with DOS.
    I and many folks in this forum have seen very few approvals for this category. How come USCIS says that this category is over subscribing the visa quota. Why they are moving un used visas to EB2 (no offense) why not for EB3?

    We need IV help in this area.

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  • belmontboy
    08-11 01:09 AM
    EB2-I was Aug 2006 in sep 2008 VB.
    EB2-I is May 2006 in sep 2010 VB.

    Looks like we are moving backwards :(


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  • gcisadawg
    01-16 12:19 PM
    Robbers charging your credit card is no big deal either. There are federal laws protecting us on incorrect credit card charges. Would you want to risk your life for just $50?

    Year ago, my credit card was used by someone in Vegas and they charged about $2000.....I didn't loose my card and I was no where near Vegas during that time. My bank didn't charge me even a penny after going thru the identity theft complaint process which involved sending couple of mails with some notarized stuff and few phone calls.

    Last month, my wife's handbag (had card in it) was pick-pocketed in a small town in India and they tried to use the card. We were on vacation and immediately called the bank and canceled the card.

    Point is, whether it is India or US or anywhere, if a thief gets hold of your card, they would try to use it. For some, there is nothing like a free lunch!

    Another example my ex-boss in US had. There was a homeless person in his area and he used to see him almost every day. One day he decided to do something, talked to him and asked him to sign-up with his church rehab group, get him a job etc....My ex-boss was serious but the homeless promptly rejected all the offers and instead he just wanted to remain as homeless only. He didn't even want to try....


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  • amslonewolf
    05-18 08:25 AM
    From - http://www.hooyou.com/consularprocess/procedures.html

    What are the steps in Consular Processing and estimated processing times?

    The USCIS forwards the approved immigrant petition (the I-797 Notice of Action) to the National Visa Center (NVC) if the alien indicated his desire to apply for consular processing. Otherwise, he/she has to file a Form I-824 to request consular processing; (6-8 weeks)

    The NVC sends an information and forms packet (Packet 3) to the alien when an immigrant visa number becomes available; (2-3 weeks assuming the immigrant visa number has become available)

    The Alien and his family complete the Packet 3 and return it to the NVC; (2 weeks)

    The NVC processes the Packet 3; (6-8 weeks)

    The NVC notifies the State Department Visa Office of the completed Packet 3 processing and requests allocation of visa numbers for the alien and his family; and (2-4 weeks)

    The NVC schedules an immigrant visa processing appointment for the alien and his family at the U.S. consulate which issues immigrant visa. (6-8 months) The alien must attend the appointment at the U.S. consulate abroad.


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  • R100
    07-19 03:03 PM
    EB2 delivered on 02-July

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  • sroyc
    07-30 06:17 PM
    No its official. From Feb 2008 federal skilled worker class is restricted to people with 1 year Canada work or student experience or 38 occupations only.

    Now only people who have studied or worked in Canada on work permit are eligible.

    That doesn't contradict anything I said. I was referring to the 38 occupations where you do not need Canadian work experience. I agree that the list is much more restrictive than before. The other way around it is to have a job offer. All I said was that Canadian work/student experience is not mandatory.


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  • Amma
    09-22 06:04 PM
    This is scheduled on 9/23

    gc _dedo.

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  • sayantan76
    09-22 12:20 PM
    I agree that asking for complicated changes is a pain. But after meeting the lawmakers, I realized that this is the BEST way. Even the lawmakers agree and attest to this.

    You are doing a reality check without even being there. Which, let's face it, is not really a reality check. It is more of your opinion and assumption.

    Lets also not confuse facts vs opinions. The fact is that meeting lawmakers and educating them about our point of view is the key to this whole GC mess.

    Let me ask you a simple question. What CAN be the "perceived benefit" from a rally like this that would make you think that it would be worth attending? Is it something like a guarantee for a GC in 2 months or a bill that passes next month that does everything we legals want? What is it?

    Bringing attention to lawmakers about our plight. Bringing the issue right up to the Capitol. Bringing the issue up for even discussion in the various immigration meetings that are held every other day. Are these benefits not important enough for you?
    appreciate your comments - but as i said in my post clearly that I accept the probability that my views are wrong.....

    ""on the other hand if one day it so transpires that this rally was the historic starting point of major immigration reforms triggered by a group of pioneering individuals - i would have no choice but to eat my words and hang my head in shame that i did not attend.............""

    But look at it this way......i already have my GC but i share the pain and frustration of folks who do not..if a 7 month wait process for me was frustrating - i can understand what a 7 year process would be to others like me....if people who are waiting saw the utility of the rally....there would have been more than 2,000 in DC.........but clearly they did not.......i was willing to give it a shot - but unfortunately could not and did not want to specifically postpone something else to make it to DC.......

    People have been quoting Gandhi and his South Africa protests.........those were different times and different issues.........colonialism, racial discrimination etc.......if the american govt is non-responsive to the demand from 60% of its own citizens to withdraw from Iraq - how can we realistically expect it to react with super haste to our requests....besides gandhi had the courage to stand up to police brutality, get arrested etc.....in today's days and age - as white collared professionals - do we have the guts and will to do that? For example - we cannot even strike (non cooperation/ civil disobedience movement)....because we get paid by our respective private sector employers.....and our grudge is against the Govt - who do we strike against......?? and if we do strike or court arrest or adopt other forms of civil protest and by chance run up a police record in the process.......who would employ us in the future...in Gandhi's days - they did not have electronic background checks......!!

    Another take - if US can have an endless source of temporary workers coming in, paying into income tax and social security taxes and medicare taxes for a few years......and going back without claiming a single dime of social benefits......its the best possible situation for US....a forever young, qualified, minimum wages (i.e prevailing wages) earning tax paying transient population supporting/ subsidizing an archaic and otherwise struggling social security and healthcare system.

    another point people have been harping on (apologies for bringing this up but this is my only pet peeve amongst all the other wise great things that happen on this forum).......america's competitiveness and risk of reverse brain drain........personally - i think most people dont care two hoots about these issues - these messages and slogans are not out of a new found love for america but to create a nice "politically correct shield" for people's own private agendas (and the collective agenda of all of us) - to get a GC. Are we here to improve america's competitiveness (if that was the primary purpose of our coming here - shame on us for not staying back and improving our respective motherlands' competitiveness) or our own future - if the latter - lets call a spade a spade.........

    so - whats the "so what" from my post? is it to critique what IV is doing - no! The "so what" is - unless there are drastic and dramatic measures - concrete changes are not possible........small procedural victories - maybe........drastic change.....no way!

    just to take the "popular" Gandhian analogy a step further......There was Home Rule League and Congress in existence in India for a long time.....their objective was to petition the British Govt for small changes........and their ultimate goal was to get dominion status for india......only when Gandhi came on board plus supporters of other proactive forms of protest.....like Subhash Bose.....Tilak etc and the armed freedom struggle started (Bhagat Singh, Azad et al)......did Congress wake up and ask for "purna swaraj" (complete independence).......so from 1885 (founding of congress) to 1930 (Lahore Session of Congress when purna swaraj declaration was made) - nothing happened......british empire went from strength to strength.......then in 17 years - India got independence.......

    pl think about what i wrote objectively......and dont jump on me just because i am playing devil's advocate


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  • logiclife
    02-01 02:06 PM
    Can we get License renewed using EAD and not having H1?.

    Driver's licenses are issued by state and governed by state laws and regulations. Check your state DMV and find out.

    In about 12 states, even illegals can obtain driver's licenses. However, most states are tightening rules and need to see your I-94 to prove your legal presence.

    EAD is for work authorization and doesnt prove legal presence. Legal presence is proved by I-94. Regardless of how you enter into USA, with H1 stamp or with AP, you will have an I-94.

    In any case, check your DMV.

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  • punjabi77
    08-14 10:01 AM
    Can you make modification to the letter, like Hr5882 has passed the sub-commitee and waiting for the approval in the next phase.
    also this bill is for Skilled legal immigrants only and has nothing to do with the illegal immigrants.
    One benefit of passing this bill will also boost the economy as skilled legal immigrants will be in the market to buy new homes (clrealry mentioned in the statement of Greenspan).

    last time is sent this letter to senator in Ga, he replied back in regards to increasing the number of H1B..Yeah he replied for h1B and he wrote a long email. this time i am going to clear his confusion..


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  • god_bless_you
    03-01 12:44 PM
    I am sending my second contribution by Check today!
    Yesterday night I have send around 100 emails to my friends and collegues here in USA regarding the efforts IV is making and helping out ! Some of them are already got their GCs but they know the Pains during this process.,
    I requested all of them to pass information to other immigrants friends!!

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  • poorslumdog
    03-17 08:18 PM
    For all who replied well to my thread.. Thanks a million. to whom, trying to blame me etc.. If you want to reply with good answer you are welcome to do so...else DON'T EVEN REPLY.
    Now another question to you guys who are blaming me......
    Did not you guys ever used office stuff/taking printouts of ur personal use/ using ofice phone for personal use etc in your life? If you have done so.. YOU ARE ALSO THIEVES. YOU did not get caught, thats the basic difference...
    Thanks guys

    Have fun!!!

    Is it state or federal law...Yes, you are caught and pay the price. Why you whine here.
    It seems like you are a shameless idiot.


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  • JulyFiler
    09-22 02:31 PM
    and yes education. The difference between Legals and Ilegals has to be constantly highlighte. Illegals take and take and take from the society. Legals give and give and give.

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  • brij523
    04-08 04:25 PM
    I think it is individual decision to go back to home country or not. But taking a global look - We Indian make more money here. Average salary of Indian is $65,000+. We can save more. We get more comfortable life style. Only problem is GC, H1-B.

    I hope you will not be surprised that many of us have gone back and started our own company and are successful.

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  • amslonewolf
    05-18 06:57 AM
    My PD is April 2002 which has become current as per the june bulletin. My I-140 was approved in April 2007 and the NVC created the case on May 15th 2007.

    I have opted for consular proceesing.

    My questions is at what stage of the further processing do i get a visa number allocated ?

    Is it when NVC sends the fee receipt to my attorney or is it when the case is transferred to the consulate ?

    I just want to know at what stage now i become insulated from any possible retrogression in the coming months.

    Any help much appreciated
    EB3 (India)
    LC Filed (NY ): April 2002
    LC approved : Aug 2006
    I-140 approved: April 2007

    04-15 12:56 PM
    Luckysiri, I am sure things will work out for you and your family. You definitely need to expose and name your employer whose sadistic attitude caused so much pain and suffering during these critical months. We need to teach such employers a valuable lesson so that they don't ruin some one else's peace of mind. Good luck.

    06-06 02:55 AM

    I want to bring my wife on H4.

    Its been 2 months since I am in US and I have been working since last month i.e. as of now I have only 1 paystub.

    Will this be enough for her H4 stamping in INDIA.


    You need atleast 2-3 paystubs, employment verification letter from employer, bank statements with a decent balance etc among other documents.