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  • a1b2c3
    01-13 01:55 PM
    Slow and steady is good in contrast to arbitrary, jerky movements, suddenly forward and then suddenly backward into the ice age, which does only harm and no good to anyone. Like they did it in July 07 and then closed down the gates.

    I'm hoping EB2-I marches right into 2005.
    Hopefully, EB3-I will also see forward movements well into 2002. Let's keep all our fingers crossed.

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  • kondur_007
    09-22 05:35 PM
    LOA...means I am still employed without benefits ...at my old company.
    what you said makes sense..this is how I am looking at it

    -join new company
    -donot send in ac 21 paperwork
    -if i have rfe send in paperwork from present employer which will only be a generic letter----(i don't know how much detail uscis likes)
    -the reason i want to do LOA is that this way i will be sure they will not revoke i -140
    -what do the gurus feel ?

    BTW--gave u green --thanks for the reply

    I think your plan may work out just fine. I would make a couple of suggestions:

    1. If you are taking LOA from original employer, for practical purposes (for USCIS), you are not employed with that employer any more (they go by pay stubs). But if doing so helps to avoid revocation of 140, go ahead and do it that way.

    2. Because you will actually get your pay check from new employer, you are employed by them (and you will work on EAD with them, make sure that this is mentioned on your I-9 form). No matter how much ignorant your employer is, they will have to have I-9 on file and it must have your EAD (not H1).

    3. After doing this, you will be on I 485 pending status (no longer on H status), and so make sure you have current EAD and AP all the time.

    4. If something goes wrong with your I 485 (very unlikely); you will have to leave the country and enter back on H visa and work for H visa sponsoring employer (probably your old employer).

    5. It is perfectly fine to not file AC21. AC21 is needed only if you do not plan to join original sponsoring employer after GC approval. However, if you do want to file AC21, you do not need much documentation from your new employer. It just needs the simple letter stating your job position as a "physician" and brief job duties (briefer the better!) and salary (should be proportional or higher). If you do not file AC21, you may just keep that documentation on file with your attorney (which I would do to be on safe side). The implication of having this is as follows:
    --If you have this documentation (even if not filed with USCIS), at the time of approval of your GC you will have the option of just staying with new employer or going back to original employer.
    --If you do not have this, you will have to go back to original employer after GC approval with a "good faith intention of permanent job".

    PM me if you have questions about what I said above, and I will be happy to talk to you.

    Good Luck.

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  • guy03062
    04-26 08:29 AM
    Wonderful work Aman & core team! Please keep it up!!

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  • gcseeker2002
    12-17 05:40 PM
    Hey Guys,

    This EAD thing is really annoying, my wife got her AP and EAD last 11/21, with immediate update in USCIS.gov. I'm still waiting for mine, and I'm the principal. Anyway. I'll have an infopass appointment on 12/18. My H1-B permit expires on 02/07/08.

    We applied to NSC, all documents received on August 02/2007.
    My RD at NSC was 07/02/07 and my EAD status changed to "production ordered" just 5 days back(still dont know when I will get it). I think NSC is taking upto 5 months from RD to process the EADs.


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  • h1vegas
    06-25 03:56 PM
    While I Wrote The Check For Ead Renewal
    I Wrote It To Department Of Homeland Security And Not
    Us Deparment Of Homeland Security
    Is It A Big Problem

    Just an update guys ..checks cashed today

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  • hebbar77
    05-07 12:36 PM
    I have citizenship already. I am just waiting for GC:)

    Good one friend!


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  • truthinspector
    12-30 06:57 PM
    I like the map though. Nice imagination.

    Please ignore if it has already been posted. This article looks interesting considering the current economic and immigration situation


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  • nviren
    02-16 04:48 PM

    Good work guys.

    My contribution of $100 by paper check went out today.

    Weeks turned into months, months into years passively looking out to get GC thinking that you being an honest individual, contributor to the industry and economy and society here, you will get it soon.

    Then comes the bombshell of retrogression telling you to stick to your same job, employer and salary not for 2-3 years but something like 5-6 or more years, while away your most productive years of life waiting for GC uncertain and unable to get on with your normal life, unable to make major decisions of life.

    A flicker of hope was raised by the senate bill in dec 2005 that the wait will come to an end. But just so little of political support, lot of apathy and ignorance, and determined opposition by well funded anti-immigration lobbies killed that hope.

    Now one realises you are up against a solid, a very solid challenge. Only a focussed and organised action can overcome this challenge.

    The momentum of individual activity during nov-dec 2005 was very good. It will be needed again. But that activity alone did not get us the results. What is needed here is an organised and focussed efforts by committed people backed by good funding. That's the way America works.

    And this is what I see Immigration Voice doing. And it will need more members, money contribution and activism by the aspirants.

    Hence guys, contribute and spread the word. dig out your address books, send the mails, call your friends, colleagues and request them to join the effort.

    Few things I would like to mention:

    The immigration issue has gathered a good steam in US politics. Something will surely get done by the congress about the whole immigartion issue soon. Our issue is one part of it. If we miss this bus, this topic of immigration is not going to get hot for many more years.

    We are also up against formidable anti-immigration forces which conveniently mixes legal immigartion with illegal one.

    We are also up against a lot of ignorance and apathy on the part of politicians about legal immigration.

    The lobbying by corporates is our ally in this effort. They are one of the affected party because of retrogression.

    Few pro-legal-immigration members of congress are our allies in this effort.

    On the whole we, as a legal immigrant community, has good deal of work to do in a very short time in a do or die situation.

    Hence join Immigration Voice, contribute and give a call for action to your friends.

    I did that during the senate bill period. I will be doing it again.




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  • admin
    04-27 01:00 PM

    Sorry for the delay. I was out of action for the last week or so and hence couldn't reply earlier. Thanks for your suggestions and keep them coming.

    We have added more words to the meta keywords of the site. However we do have to realize that what really matters in Search Engine rankings is the linking from other sites. Hence as we're getting more and more exposure, more sites link to us and it is boosting our ranking.


    Two days back I searched "Immigration Voice" and "immigrationvoice.org", it gave no results. As I posted in this thread (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?p=9527#post9527) here on IV, I suggested that we should modify the meta tags of IV site and expose them to search engines.

    While I am awaiting those changes, I did the same search again at Google. The first 2 results are for immigrationvoice.org

    This is indeed a transformation.

    Search Google for Immigration Voice (http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=gmail&q=%22Immigration%20Voice%22)

    Search Google for immigrationvoice.org (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=immigrationvoice.org&btnG=Search)

    Readers, click each of the above links and see the results for yourselves (and improve the search rank, by clicking)

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  • muthiahmerchant
    06-21 05:24 PM
    My wife has a H1 since oct 2006 till date she hasn't worked and hence has no pay stubs. her passport has a F2 visa. I want to convert her visa to H4. Her employer is asking for 6k to generate 3 paystubs for 3 months. I dont want to pay so much. if we go to canada to get H4 stamping will they ask for her pay stubs or just my pay stubs are enough.

    Is there any chance of rejection. also can I go to canada for stamping or do i have to go to home country.

    is there any site or posting that explains the process of applying for H4 in canada.

    Thanks for any help


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  • admin
    04-03 10:40 AM

    Let me also repost what I had posted in reply to your post earlier.


    We have spoken to AILA about this and we're regularly in touch with many other immigration lawyers. As logiclife had pointed out the interest of AILA is elsewhere. In fact my company's immigration lawyer told us earlier that it is not in the interest of companies to shorten the green card process.

    There are only very few broad minded lawyers like Rajeev Khanna, Mathew Oh and Shusterman who support our cause. For after all if we get our GCs quickly, the lawyers will not get money for H-1 extensions, EAD extensions, AP extensions and so on. Moreover if the GC process becomes simple and quick, many people might self petition and cut out the the middleman.

    Another thing to note is that, AILA has very little support from Republicans.

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  • svgupta
    05-22 03:12 PM
    plz contribute and update your signature as well.


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  • dummgelauft
    10-04 03:20 PM
    ..'til one of you becomes the Citizen of another country.

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  • rajuram
    07-01 10:30 PM
    Does anyone know whether hard copy of Labor approval is required for filing Form 1-140. My Labor status shows certified, but my lawyer is conveying that they have not received my hard copy of approval to process Form I-140 and 485. Can some one tell me if we can take a print out of Labor approval from online status and use it for filing 140.

    it is required by law. if lost in mail, then you have to do special documentation with i 140


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  • lord_labaku
    06-09 07:32 PM
    One of my co-workers started me with a gun range membership...you can even find ones that dont require membership...just show ur drivers license and rent guns from the range & dont worry about carry permits...etc etc

    Its the best way to enjoy shooting & the less expensive way too. Ever since Obama was gonna be in power...firearms & ammo prices have been going up.

    But .22LR (best caliber for beginners) is still the cheapest...

    - If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will carry guns-

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  • chisinau
    06-14 02:37 AM
    My PD is september 2006, I140 approved, DS230 approved, 3 packet approwed or not ( I am not sure, accordig to the last reply from the attorney my case could be even in the consulate), Before the retro began my case used to be a subject for schedule "A"( nurse), now I am in EB3...

    The question is - will I receive my appointment to the interview soon(next month), because all forms have been accepted already, or I have to wait for all cases with PD older then mine to pass before my case???

    One more question.
    I am not in the US. Should I try to go to the US, and then(after 2 months) apply for I485, before the retro will start again in september??? Is it necessary to have I485 approved in order to receive legal status or it just have to be filled and applied? Will I lose my place in the consular processing after applying for the adjastment of status?

    I know , too much questions, sorry for that but I am realy confused, and badly need your help and advice!

    Thanks, all replies are appreciated!


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  • maximus777
    08-10 08:05 PM
    Let me take a stab at it:

    EB2 I - June 2006, EB2 C - Dec 2006
    EB3 I/C - Dec 2003

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  • yabadaba
    07-18 09:53 AM
    then u have no options... either file ur 485 or dont...if u file then wait till ur priority date gets current and file ur wife's at that time

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  • reddog
    06-12 05:37 PM
    Are you kidding me?
    What does your lawyer say about it?

    Does your lawyer know that your wife supports you?

    If the person you committed the Violence on, is not ready to accept it, how are they even offering you battery?

    If you did beat her, were there any witnesses? And do not respond to this question in positive.

    There is definitely something missing here. You are either not saying the complete truth, OR your wife is not supporting you, OR you are suspecting that she will testify against you.

    DA offered:
    Keep on DV battery charge, no jail time, 52 weeks anger control class, 3 yr probation.

    02-25 05:43 PM
    Hello everyone,

    Three people from CA team went to Livermore temple today. We have distributed approximately (650 + 250 = 900) today at livermore temple. At around 1.45 p.m. we were told to stop distributing the flyer since it is against the temple policy.

    One of the individual had his whole family working on distributing the flyers. After he left, two people did the same thing and there was not a single person or the car in the Temple who had not IV flyers.

    We have found following things:

    1. Not too many people are aware of IV.
    2. Not too many people care about the Retrogression problem because they do not know what retrogression is and how it would affect them.
    3. No body knows about the comprehensive immigration refrom bill.
    4. No body know how the bills are introduce in the senate and house.

    It is very important to spread the word about the IV and tell them to support us by contributing money.

    People wake up. It's show time.


    09-15 08:41 AM
    How came you know my life story.
    I hope I am not the one in this world