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  • thankgod
    05-11 02:23 PM
    No IV provision is in the bill.

    For something to happen, each member needs to do their part by supporting this effort and taking part in action items. With so little support and initiative we cannot expect to match the kind of hard work DREAM act advocates have done.

    If we need an amendment, we should be showing up for advocacy day or signing up for monthly contributions, volunteer our time, or doing any state chapter work by meeting local lawmaker offices regularly in groups. Dream Act folks have built a very strong network and advocacy effort that no politician can ignore. Go through the list of things they have been doing over the past few years and you can judge how much percentage we have as a community matched that effort. This is a reality and and ultimately it will be us that are responsible for no bill being passed in the last few years.

    The community needs to do more than wasting time on the forums and trackers if they really want any bill to happen.

    Definitely it is time to Unite. If they are doing illegal immigrants legal citizens, why should not legal applied immigrants as Green card holders.

    Do you think we need to start some thing like flower campaign or sending letters to president like that....

    But it is the time to act. Now or Never..........

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  • nefrateedi
    08-23 08:57 AM
    [QUOTE=plassey;152466]He has just one option, get the laws changed. Not beating the dead man but folks should understand the importance of IV activities.
    Look at the state of affair of Tri State, thousands of people like these but only 25 so far signed up for DC rally. Not enough to fill even one bus WHAT A SHAME![QUOTE=plassey;152466]

    I don't think you get a sense of his problem, even though you claim you do...you are in fact beating a dead horse...I got your point regarding IV's efforts, and am not disputing that one bit, but at the same time when someone posts a valid concern/issue that they have, it doesn't hurt to have some empathy....I'm sure you wouldn't be too happy if you were in their place....

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  • msngroups
    05-17 01:24 AM
    Whoa, now be careful what you say there tiger. Outsourcing has nothing to do with the H-1B program, if everyone followed the law. Then people wouldn't be in America, underpaid or on the bench. American companies outsourcing to India etc. is happening. Everyoe is entitled to an opinion on whether that is right or not. But BREAKING THE LAW BY ENTERING THE COUNTRY ON AN H-1B ON FALSE PREMISES is simply illegal, and has nothing to do with the issue of outsourcing. Two different things.

    I am not saying all American companies are saints. The ones breaking the law should be punished accordingly. But facts are that Indian companies are among the biggest abusers of H-1Bs. Nothing wrong with Indian companies in general. But the ones breaking the law should be brought to justice, it's as simple as that.

    Only one question: Ultimately for which companies the h1b consultants work for? It is not for Indian companies. It is always for projects in US companies. Mind it. Let US companies decide whom they want? I do not understand Why some people here are talking that Indian companies are using h1b etc etc.

    Go and ask US Govt to provide free College education in computers to everyone in US. Then you will not have all these problems right. Instead of dealing the problem that way simply blaming trade laws?

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  • MindGlow
    04-03 08:54 AM
    sent #10 & #11


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  • RandyK
    02-21 03:34 PM
    Any ideas about EB3 ROW movement in the coming months?

    I know you have connections in high places....


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  • virald
    11-06 04:26 PM
    EAD, AP & FP notice are sent directly to the applicant. If you see the status of AP as document mailed then you should get within 2/3 days as they send by DHL. I got mine in 2 days, my wife also got in 2 days

    This isn't neccesarily true for AP. I saw the same status, but my lawyer got AP approvals.


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  • GCwaitforever
    11-16 02:53 PM
    This is relevant because some of us have EAD which is legal authorization to work (restricted though) or spouses have EADs (unrestricted). Placing barriers like US citizens only or Greencard holders only is discriminatory.

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  • Kitiara
    02-07 09:36 AM
    It's one up in Gloucestershire... I used to visit it a lot when I went on holiday with my parents when I was young. Can't remember the name of it though.

    Was always mad about castles. Loved the whole medieval thing.


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  • rb_248
    12-13 07:20 AM
    All this leads me into believing that we are the 'slaves' here.

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  • whatsupwithgc
    02-28 12:33 PM
    Found it in .



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  • gcgreen
    08-11 06:26 PM
    IMO, the key criterion is "occupational classification" under which the new job falls under, not the technologies used. For example, it is logical to conclude that a Software Engineer position that requires programming in Java is in the same or similar occupational classification as a Software Engineer job that requires programming in .NET.

    One could argue that .NET is a different technology than Java, but most if not all would agree they fall under the same/similar occupational classification.

    So as long as you can make a strong case that the occupational classification for jobs is the same/similar, I don't think there is a problem.

    Then again, I am not a lawyer and all that...

    How much does technology come into picture? I changed jobs using AC21 and am on EAD, my new job utilizes only 50% of the skills from previous job and am getting trained in new technologies in the new job. I am not sure if the new employer will list all technologies mentioned in the labor, but will definitely list all those that are being used. Any comments?

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  • perm2gc
    05-15 01:44 PM
    The Bill has gone too far from what it means.Why didn't the congressman ask the American employers the same questions they asked other big companies.The H1 and L1 classifications allows them for gouging but the bill is not the answer for it.They are trying to show the stats that supports their insane bill.


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  • pd_recapturing
    03-27 12:26 PM
    Thanks Sanbaj, Please share the info if you get to hear anything from USCIS on this?

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  • kumar1
    07-19 10:12 AM
    This is what you can do - Both in Mumbai and in Delhi, you have USCIS approved doctors who help people going through CP. In other words those who choose to go through emp based CP or family based Green Card which US embassy issues, go through Indian hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi. I think Gangaram in Mumbai has this facility. Ask your wife to get it done from there. Do not wait till the last moment, as someone pointed out, a slight delay in flight could............


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  • sanbaj
    07-28 03:15 PM
    Congrats for the GC !!!
    You mentioned that both of your cases are under EB2, correct? Normally people will do interfile (PD Amendment) from one category to another, like EB3 to EB2.
    Can you please share why you ported in the same category? Or because of some other reason?

    One I140 has PD of Oct-2006 and the other one has PD of Feb/2002. In Mar/08 EB2 was completely U, but I had hope that it will turn around and I will be able to use older PD based I140. That is exactly what happened when NSC 485 processing times reached my app's RD. Mine was not to switch categories, but to use the earlier PD.

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  • TwinkleM
    02-17 10:19 PM
    Still your I 140 info does not show up. Also, my pd is of april 2006. But I -140 not approved yet, pending since june 2006. Ur new update is only giving me a good hope.


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  • smsthss
    06-12 10:09 AM
    can we watch this live?? the room #'s for 10 am and 11 am are different. is there another link?

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  • desidude
    06-19 01:48 PM

    Can you pls send me a copy too? thanks in advance!

    Check your PM. This is what i sent.

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  • GC4LI
    04-22 05:30 PM
    I completely agree with JK...i work here in Phoenix in a construction company, and many of the legal immigrants (including Latinos, indians etc....brown skin people) have started to worry about this bill becoming law....every other person in our company have experienced what this would bring us....
    We have been working in various cities here in AZ, and travel is a must for us...
    Once, while I was driving to Tucson for a project inspection, i was stopped by border patrol agents at 2 different locations....i mean to say, they were not stationed in a booth or any thing, they had patrol cars just like cops....they just park their car on the shoulder, and wait for any brown guy driving across....
    Infact, one border patrol agent followed me for about 2 miles, then drove right next to me, again slowed down to get behind me, and turned on the lights...so, I had to stop....luckily, i had my EAD card, which is always keep in my wallet, even though I am on H1-B....however, he insisted that we (as in legal immigrants) should carry our passports (Original and not a copy) with us when we travel...which is totally rediculous!!!!!
    what irritates me is that these guys don't even understand what an EAD is.....he was expecting that I should have a visa inorder to be in the US....it took almost 25 to 30 mins to explain my status (H1-B, but not stamped in my passport)....that an approved H1-B petition is enough to stay and work in the US.....HE JUST DIDN'T GET IT!!!!!....in the end, this guy, as though he was doing a great favor to me, said that he is allowing me to travel on humanitarian grounds and with a warning....f&*k*&^ bull%^&*......

    I have traveled many times with my coworker who is caucasian, and not even once have I had a problem with border patrol agents.....
    I just don't know what to say!!!!!! is it their lack of common sense, or knowledge, or is it just plain blunt racial profiling???????

    02-26 09:28 PM

    Not sure if this is a good idea, 1. Either to put a English note on How chinese is affected because of EB Visa Retrogression ? and pass the website and email id to join ?

    Or get a person to translate it into Chinese and put it up in Ranch 99 - Milpitas, berkley, Fremont, Sanjose ? Ranch 99 is a popular place among chinese network to buy vegetables and well networked among chinese !

    I am assuming there must be similar network of Chinese Shops in other cities !. I am going to ask students from china to post it in their internal mail aliases for wide coverage !

    Some thoughts on this ? ALSO _ Indians perhaps can talk to Silicon india, then other Bay Area local newspapers to publish it ? - Put it up in Komala Vilas, Udupi, etc ?

    05-29 08:00 PM
    Guys go to this website and sign up and vote yes for this bill.